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Hermetel Clean Room Prefabricated Element Systems

What is a clean room? A clean room is a closed area where the concentration of particulate impurities in the air, the temperature, humidity and pressure are monitored according to the requirements set for the conditions. Clean rooms form a separate, closed area in a plant or building. A clean room is used to manufacture, study and perform measures during which the conditions in the room, the positive pressure and the number of particles in the air can be monitored and specified according to the requirements of reference values. The Hermetel prefabricated element products have CE marking in accordance with standard EN 14509:2013.

Durable, Clean and Adjustable Clean Room

In the Hermetel system, the construction of a clean room is based on the fact that it is easy to implement subsequent room changes. The robust wall and ceiling elements are tightly connected to each other with quick-release locks. The best degree of purity is achieved when epoxy or stoving paint  and stainless steel sheet are used as coating materials.

Our Satisfied Customers

Along the years, we have produced a diverse range of clean room solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our primary targets include the pharmaceutical industry, the electronics industry, hospitals, the food industry, research institutions and laboratories, the optical industry, microbiology operators and other industry that needs high technology and cleanliness during manufacture.

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Hermetel Clean Room

The Clean Room system of Hermetel Oy consists of prefabricated elements, windows and other user-oriented components that produce as little static electricity as possible and do not shed particles. We help you to obtain a functional, fully completed Clean Room system. Our high-quality Clean Room elements enable the construction of the required environment in a sustainable way.

Isolation Rooms ISORO

The Hermetel isolation room ISORO represents a new way of applying the clean room principle to build wall and ceiling structures, closed rooms as well as washrooms and social areas that require the hermetical structure of an isolation room. The structure is based on a modular element system with accessories. The special conditions required by the room are precise hermetic properties, fire class EI 15 and sound insulation. The access control/closing systems of the doors with Interlock control are included in the system.

Operating Theatre OT-CELLA

The Hermetel operating theatre OT-CELLA represents a new way of applying the clean room principle to build wall and ceiling structures for an operating theatre as well as the room required by the technology that is adjacent to the theatre. The structure is based on a modular element system with a highly hermetical structure according to the clean room principle. The system is complemented by automatic sliding doors, a suspended ceiling that encases the technology and absorbs sound and, if necessary, a steel support structure supported from below or from the upper structures.

Clean Room Walls

The structure is based on a modular element system with a highly hermetical structure according to the clean room principle. The plasterboards integrated into the wall ensure compliance with the E15 fire class requirements. The surface materials of the wall help to keep the room clean and dust-free. The clean rooms designed and installed by us are not only easy to maintain and keep clean, but also have a firm structure.

Clean Room Ceilings

Clean room ceilings consist of the same elements as the walls. Holes are made in the ceiling for various suspensions, such as HEPA boxes and recessed lighting, IV equipment, pipes and monitoring technology. Clean room ceilings are always constructed so that people can move on top of them. When the electrical equipment or the ventilation system needs maintenance, there is no need to enter the actual clean room itself.

Clean Room Accessories:

Electrical sockets – Electrical socket mounts and installation conduits are placed inside the elements already during installation so that the electrical installations will remain hidden. In the final outcome, only the socket covers are visible.

Glass cover for Hermetel lights – Lights are embedded in the ceiling element so that the glass is flush with the ceiling. Lights are exchanged from above so that there is no need to enter the actual clean room itself.

HEPA filters – HEPA filter boxes are tightly sealed within the ceiling elements. The air diffuser is visible under the filter box and filter, below the ceiling element.

Central vacuum cleaner inlets– Our system enables a hidden solution so that only the switch cover remains visible on the surface of the element.

Wall boxes – The wall boxes for cold and hot water installations and the casing for piping are placed inside elements.

Farma window – This double-glazed model enables mounting in the wall element without mounting panels. A safety glass, UV protection or a fire-resistant glass may also be selected for the clean room window.

Pass-through chambers in clean rooms – The purpose of pass-throughs is to make is easier to pass various items, products or papers from one space to another. There is usually an Interlock system between the doors of the chamber, preventing the opening of both doors at the same time and the contamination of the air passing through the hatch.

Hinged Clean Room Doors – The doors are manufactured in the same thickness and with the same materials as the wall modules, enabling installation flush with the wall surface.

Sliding Clean Room Doors – Various types of windows, lead plates, X-ray doors and security doors are also available. Sliding doors effectively form a tight seal with the edge of the frame and the floor when they close.

Whenever You are Building a Clean Room, We Provide All the Turnkey Solutions You Need!

The Hermetel clean room system enables controlled conditions that comply with the requirements for the temperature, relative humidity, pressure difference, particles and carbon dioxide. A functional clean room that meets the regulations can be achieved when the ventilation, clean room structures and building automation work seamlessly together. Whenever you are building a clean room, Hermetel provides you with hermetically sealed, clean element structures with a turnkey approach.

More Information and Offers Relating to Clean Rooms:

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