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Cold Rooms of All Sizes from Hermetel Oy

The cold rooms manufactured by Hermetel Oy are produced in Finland from start to finish. We design functional cold rooms, freezer rooms and production facilities with a prefabricated structure according to your needs and customize them, including installation on site. We adjust the accessories in the rooms according to your needs and also deliver refrigeration equipment for cold rooms, if needed. Our products are always designed with the end user in mind; they are easy to keep clean and withstand daily use. Contact us and we can design the perfect cold room for your needs.

Purpose-Built Cold Room from Prefabricated Elements

We design and install custom-made cold rooms to fit each site perfectly. Our structural solution is based on sandwich panels made from polyurethane; the panels are fitted together using quick-release locks, which makes their installation quick and simple. We have completed all the EU tests required by the Construction Products Regulation. Our products are within the tolerances specified in the standards and are entitled to use the CE marking.

Finnish Quality Work – Order Your Cold Rooms from Us

Hermetel Oy has manufactured high-quality cold rooms for Finnish customers in commerce, the industry and the public sector already since 1987. View the PDF brochures of our products and contact us if you are interested in our solutions! We would be happy to tell you more about our products and provide consultation if you have any questions.


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