Our Versatile Door Range Offers Solutions for Many Facilities


Hermetel Cold Room Door KTO and Freezer Room Door PTO

are the most popular options in cold and freezer rooms.

The door has a self-closing hinge mechanism, a magnetic seal and a threshold or sweep, forming an extremely well-sealed passage between the refrigerated room and heated areas.
Used in facilities with large temperature differences between rooms.


Hermetel Production Facility Door TTO

has been designed for the needs of the food industry and is used mainly in heated spaces when there are no large temperature differences between rooms.


Hermetel Insulated Swinging Doors HHO, and Uninsulated HHOPK

enable easy movement from room to room even if you are carrying something.
Used in facilities without large temperature differences between rooms.


Hermetel Sliding Door HLO, and Heavy Sliding Door HLOS

are meant for cold and freezer rooms in places where the use of hinged doors is difficult due to the lack of space. The sliding doors may be equipped with automatic opening and mechanical control. An impact plate, among other parts, is available as an additional accessory.


Supply Doors

Supply doors with a glass panel are suitable for the dairy and freezer rooms of shops and other sites where you simultaneously need both insulation and a well-lit sales display for customers. The system includes shelves.

Milk-A Air Curtain

For the sales opening in the dairy rooms of shops. The structure forms a highly functional system with high lighting power. This makes it effortless and easy for customers visiting the shop to fetch their products and find them from the sales opening of the dairy room, which runs with the lowest power in the market.

Strip Curtains

Strip curtains are used to cover doorways when the main door is open. Strip curtains prevent air flow, but enable easy access.

Spare Parts

Hermetel products have a two-year warranty. You will always receive the spare parts you need quickly, with installation, if needed.