Rent a Hermetel Refrigerated or Freezer Container at a Low Price

Due to its transportable platform, the container is easy to transport wherever there is a temporary need for a refrigerated space, such as on a renovation site or at an event.

All our containers are equipped with user-friendly refrigerating machinery and removable shelves. The containers have two doors, located at the ends of the container.

We manufacture containers both for rent and for sale.

We currently have six containers with a transportable platform (nos. 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9) and one smaller container that can be transported in a trailer (no. 1).

In addition, we rent a handy refrigerated trailer. The trailer weighs less than 750 kg so it may be towed by holders of a category B driving license. The refrigerated trailer is a convenient size for parties at home and smaller events.

Freezer container temperature can be adjusted between -20ºC and +5ºC

Available dates for reserving a freezer can be found below.